Make Things Happen.

Appreciate uniqueness and diversity in the cultures, genders and generations. Does Your Organization Engage the Passion & Potential of workforce and Retain Talents?


Our team can customize a SMART value propositions, so that we bring value to all stakeholders by engaging your team members and leaders to work together, to create value, to make a difference. We have created holistic development programs that have real tangible impact on company transformation and sustainable value growth.


JVC Pulse´consultants bring a wealth of experience in supporting you in designing your organization of choice through people and customer management initiatives. Finding the right solutions to address your needs and issues, unique to your situation and culture, requires a consultative approach. We will help you clarify your organization of choice management needs, determine key stakeholders and target groups, identify potential solutions, determine success measures, integrate with and leverage existing culture, behaviours and mindsets, and develop the best implementation and communication strategy to achieve your aspirations and maximize the value to return your investment.

Learning & development programs

We offer a blended-learning approach. Multiple delivery options include: 

Trainer led in-class training

Certification of in-house agile coaches

Access to JVC Pulse’ own trainer network

We cooperate with you to determine the best approach for reaching your people and your aspiration in strategic transformation. 
We can customize our standard trainings and workshops to your content requirements and branding. We enhance the systems you’ve already developed and integrate them into a total solutions. 

Event Point & Assembly

Our Event Point & Assembly provide an individual and collective experience and best practice exchange. It can help you provide self-reflection and self-assessment. 


Communicate organizational commitment and philosophy for people and customer centricity  management

Build interest and awareness how to build organization of choice 

Shift the responsibility for the agility development to employees

Communicate existing talent management resources

Provide leaders and manages with insights, tools and resources to effectively implement the organization of choice, agility and perfromance discussions


The SMART Value coaching

The world we are living in is changing rapidly. In this new world we are making more decisions, amongst more options, in more personal and professional situations. To flourish in our  personal and professional live we must discover, capture and advocate our desire aspiration.  Keep in mind that there is at least one thing you can do better than anyone else in the universe. Find it and make  it happen!


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