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The SMART VALUE Creation  assembly is build on purpose to provide and share moments of success and limitless possibilities to enable people explore new horizons and new insights based on personal experience. 




The quality of our thinking is proportional to the models in our head and their usefulness in the way we think and making decisions. The more models you have—the bigger your perspective—the more likely you are to have the right models to see reality and options. 

Most of us, however, are specialists. Instead of a latticework of mental models, we have a few from our discipline. Each specialist sees something different. By default, a typical Engineer will think in systems. A psychologist will think in terms of incentives. A biologist will think in terms of evolution. By putting these disciplines together in our head, we can walk around a problem in a three dimensional way. If we’re only looking at the problem one way, we’ve got a blind spot. And blind spots can kill you. 


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