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Our team of consultants customize all development initiatives to engage your team members and leaders. 



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Our team can customize a training to engage your team members and leaders. 

Building value centered and people dynamic culture

This development program is currently only offered as a customised solutions.

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Activating cross functional collaboration
This development program is currently only offered as a customised solutions.
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Developing internal resources to improve and sustain organization dynamics

This development program is currently only offered as a customised solutions.

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Our team can customize a training to engage your team members and leaders. 

Strategic kay account management

Strategic Kay Account Management program is intended to provide you with new sets of capabilities and tools how to improve and sustain customer relationship and achieve profitable growth within increasingly complex and volatile environment. A skilled Key Account Manager is the glue between sales strategy and execution with customer. Key Account Managers plays key role in improving, sustaining and protecting long term relationship and business results in the highly competitive and volatile environment. Strategic Key Account Management program give participants the edge that they need to follow to step ahead of the competition and focus on building profitable growth and long lasting relationship.


Identify all opportunities to create value consistent with customer needs
• Test and validate opportunities with relationship network
• Jointly select the best solution with the customer
• Create plan with the customer
• Identify and access appropriate customer and system resources
• Leverage the relationship network
• Facilitate decision making
• Confirm joint commitments
• Execute the plan
• Evaluate results versus objectives and re-plan as needed
• Expand the relationship network
• Conduct business and relationship reviews
• Understand the customer’s business objectives and strategies to reach them
• Understand the customer’s market and channel from the customer’s and the organization  perspective
• Gather and analyze customer data
• Listen and seek to understand the customer through dialogue and observation
• Engage and nurture the relationship network

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Sales management excellence

Sales Management Excellence program is intended for a sales team managers to turn sales objectives into results. How to activate full potential of individuals and team members in order to get the best out of them. In todays world is crucial to build highly skilled and professional sales people to  become the reason for choice for customers and build by this the unique differentiation factors from competitors. These teams need a competent and skilled leader who is able to lead by example by also offering support where it is needed.

Sales Management Excellence program  has been designed to give participants the edge in skills and knowledge, and enable to them to prepare teams for all of the processes that are involved in sales. Team leader skills are essential in generating the best possible performance from the individuals and team, and methods will be taught during the course to give managers the best way of improving their team and increasing results.

For both experienced and new managers, this programme will introduce a range of ideas that will help teams hit their targets through better people management.

Sales Management Excellence program is focusing on: 

  • Identify your own sales management style and improve performance by adapting your approach to meet the needs of your team
  • Organise yourself, your priorities and your time
  • Recruit and select high performing salespeople
  • Lead and motivate your sales team to achieve results in tough times as well as good times
  • Prepare and deliver effective and motivational team meetings
  • Benchmark and coach your team during field visits
  • Establish realistic Key Performance Indicators for individuals and the team as a whole
  • Conduct effective performance reviews
  • Create your own Development Diary and Personal Action Plan to help you, your team and your company 

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Professional selling skills

The world of high volume sales is both challenging and competitive. Salespeople have to become a reason of choice by making a good impression on the right person in a short amount of time if they are to progress their lead into a meaningful conversation. Forming these key skills is not easy. Professional Selling skills training programme builds on individual interpersonal skills to learn the basics of consultative selling, even within a high volume environment. Whether communicating in person or via telephone, your sales teams will learn to engage with their clients’ needs quickly. 

Areas covered in programme include:

  • What is selling? An appreciation of what clients are trying to achieve and the difference between price and value
  • Six Sales Steps approach, ensuring the salesperson prepares effectively throughout the selling process
  • Planning a sale – understanding the full range of products and services being offered, and the business and personal needs they meet
  • Connecting the customers and building profile
  • Accessing new accounts – planning to access new accounts, and getting past reluctant gatekeepers
  • Opening a meeting and building rapport
  • Generating interest and understanding customer wants
  • Identify opportunity and desire
  • Creating momentum and urgency
  • Aligning commitment, confirming needs and validating solutions
  • Handling objections, addressing the rational and emotional aspects of an objection
  • Gaining commitment, moving the client to a positive decision
  • Asking for the next active reference

Please contact us for more info on our Professional Selling Skills program.

Customer service excellence

 Customer Service Excellence provides participants with the key communication and interpersonal skills and behaviours necessary to design extraordinary customers service. Participants will learn how to make each customers unique and develop the confidence to handle a range of different situations.

Some of areas covered in the program:

Exceeding customer expectations who are your customers?

First Impressions standards

Telephone handling

Face to face contact communication

Barriers to communication and how we can remove barriers

Telephone techniques

Transferring calls

Dos and donts of the telephone

Phrases to avoid dealing with challenges

What to do If you do not know the answer

 When you have to say NO and how to say NO

Handling unreasonable expectations

Dealing with difficult people

Six steps to customer problem solving

The power of your behaviour

Please contact us for more info on our Customer Service Excellence program.

Successful Cold Calling


Do you often try to sell something over the phone and find that the would-be client is not interested or does not have the time to speak to you at that moment?

The program Successful Cold Calling will make cold calling simple by  six setps process. 

The learning style of this cold calling program  is a mix of practical theory and real cold calling with clients, analysis and discussion where we can tackle any cold calling issues you have in your organisation.

Some of areas covered in the program:

  • Influence gate-keepers and key decision makers for appointment
  • Effectively handle customer objections when arranging appointment
  • Overcome negative emotions 
  • Become more confident & motivated
  • Apply proven telephone ‘closing techniques’ to win more business appointment.
  • Master the art of influencing to get there

Please contact us for more info on our Successful Cold Calling program. 

Winning Telesales

Winning Telesales program will develop your sales team will learn how to connect and build relationship with clients, gain practical tools to get past the gatekeeper & influence key decision makers to win more business.

Selling over the telephone is a true art which requires a range of telesales techniques to be implemented successfully.

This highly effective Telesales Skills program can be customize to your industry and organization. Perfect whether your product or services are sold via business to business (B2b) or via a business to consumer (b2c).

Some of areas covered in the program:

  • Learn how to get to the decision maker
  • The art of fact finding
  • Powerful communication techniques for building rapport with customer over telephone.
  • How to present both known and unknown benefits.
  • Identifying the types of sales objections you will receive and how to deal with them effectively.
  • Discover how to close the sale.


Please contact us for more info on our Winning Telesales program.


Our team can customize a training to engage your team members and leaders. 

Leadership on smart value creation
The program focuses on five core leadership capabilities – self-reflexion, personal agility, communication, influence others and designing commitment. Leaders learn to master complexity, collaborate across the organisation, communicate purpose to gain commitment, set the directions and manage people. A combination of classroom learning, practical exercises and 360 feedback give participants a unique opportunity to learn about their strengths and areas in need of development and craft a plan to push their development in new ways.


Please contact us for more info on our leadership solutions.

Leadership for Woman

Research shows that  inclusive leadership and inclusive organisations outperform those that are not. Even though this has been proven, women continue to be underrepresented at all management levels. This course is designed to assist elevate the impact of women leaders, enabling them to develop and leverage their talents, navigate the business landscape and to step into roles of greater influence. 

You will learn how to:

  • Articulate your vision and your action plan for personal leadership.
  • Advocate for yourself, your team, and your collective ideas.
  • Establish strategic networks and leverage them in your career.
  • Engage supporters through compelling communications.
  • Overcome challenges to your visibility and authority.
  • Negotiate favourable outcomes and manage conflict.

The course commences with a comprehensive assessment of your leadership competencies including skills like driving a vision, strategic mindset, building teams, adaptability, building collaborative relationships and networks, managing complexity and innovation.

Please contact us for more info on our leadership solutions.

Management SERIES

Management programmes series  gives participants a look into the skills necessary to effectively lead a team as well as how their leadership can encourage people to perform to the best of their ability. Team performance is greatly influenced by its leadership and individuals that do not feel part of the business often suffer from low morale, which results in them not performing to the standard that they could. This programmes focuses on developing a proactive, collaborative culture.  


First time in management 

Managing high dynamic teams

Remote management

First line management

Managing freelance teams

Managing external teams


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Appreciate your uniquness, make it happen

Inspire moments of optimism and happiness. Make a difference and create value to have a positive  impact on the body, mind and spirit. 

Step up from satisfaction to excitement

Elevate a level of equality that will increase demand for personalization, convenience and quality of life.

Increase sphere of your influance

Become a creative collaborator for meaningful value exchange.


Our team can customize a training to engage your team members and leaders.

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