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Dušan Sameliak is author and founder SMART Value Creation program. Dušan have been working as a consultant and speaker for over 20 years, Dušan has worked with hundreds of individuals and many organization to get them on The SMART Value creation journey. He is known for his compelling combination of leading research, expertise in  creating holistic and practical experience that not only inspire leaders and individuals to improve their professional and personal way of thinking and doing things around value creation but they made progress towards becoming a truly dynamic SMART Value creators to make a difference now.

Dušan has long-term experience in senior position in the different leadership roles. Dušan graduated in executive business administration at the Notthingham Trent University UK, Management & Economics.   


We believe THAT joint VALUE CREATION Mindset  turning stagnation into prosperity by transforming Human and organization dynamics insight into THE SMART value in the rapidly changing environment. 




Avoid Running Faster and Faster Only to Stay in the Same Place

More about

JVSPULSE is human capital consultancy organization, founded in 2017 by Dušan Sameliak. The JVC Pulse people  helps an organizations  through The SMART Value Creation  workshops, trainings, consultancy and coaching converting human mental biases into opportunities for growth. Turning stagnation into prosperity through people. We are strengthening  human and organizational resilience, adaptability and velocity to enable individual and organization dynamics. So that individuals can aspire more than they ever dreamed and organizations can create a critical source of competitive advantage in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. 





Our Vision

To be the most preferred partner in building accretive            The SMART Value Creation insight and dynamics for organization and individuals.


Our Principles

Partnership with our customers

Inner dynamics excellence

Living venture attitude

Joint The SMART Value Creation Mindset

Alignment with the business strategies of our clients


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